Training Kits And Models

Training Kits and Models

Condom / VMMC demonstration, training and demand creation Treatment adherence and HIV testing, towards 95-95-95 goals

The Complete Condom Training Kit


  • E-shaft realistic ‘ejaculating’ penis model
  • O-Cube female / receptive model
  • Male & female condoms
  • Pot of synthetic cream to represent semen
  • Colour illustrated Facilitator’s Guide – 16 page booklet
  • Condom Wall activity to identify and address objections
  • Interactive drama activity to build condom negotiation skills
  • Cylindrical container (with client’s logo for 20+ units)

E-Shaft Condom Demo and Training Kit


  • E-Shaft realistic “ejaculating” Penis Model
  • 10 Male condoms
  • 2 Female condoms
  • Pot of synthetic cream to represent semen
  • Facilitators Guide – colour illustrated booklet, showing how to use the E-Shaft for both male and female condom training
  • Tube Container, branded for client for orders 20+ units


E-Shaft features:

  • Brown or Blue
  • 18cm long
  • “FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY” printed on the base
  • Simulates ejaculation by pressing the base of the E-Shaft to squirt out a synthetic cream or water. This clarifies the importance of pinching the condom teat to expel air, and enables practice removing and disposing of the condom without spilling the semen.

VMMC Training Kit

for Demand Creation & Surgical Methods Training Patent no: 2012/08354
Definitely the best model I have seen for demonstrating and explaining Medical Male Circumcision and its benefits.
Dr Dirk Taljaard
Chief Executive Officer, CHAPS

The VMMC Training Kit includes:

  • VMMC Model
  • Full colour instruction booklet with illustrated facilitation notes
  • Cylindrical container (with client’s logo / branding for orders over 20 units)
  • Can also be used for condom demonstration and training

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