Inspiring Healthy Lives…

…with engaging participatory training activities, such as Walking the Bridges (see above). The couple holding hands in a mutually supportive relationship successfully walk the bridges of life to reach the island (their goals and dreams). Without such support, or if there is conflict and gender based violence, one or both may fall off amongst the crocodiles, sharks and hippos (dangers and challenges in life, including health threats like HIV.)

Our Mission

We collaboratively create and deliver participatory training to engage and inspire individuals, families and communities towards better health outcomes.

Our Vision

We want to see millions of transformed lives – people empowered and motivated to maintain their health, live positively and realize their life goals and dreams.

Create a tailored participatory training kit

We create innovative, tailored participatory training kits to address health, wellness and development issues.

Facilitator / Peer Educator Training programs

These workshops build the knowledge, skills and confidence of participants to facilitate effective and high impact training sessions.

Training Kits and Models

The Complete Condom Training Kit and E-Shaft Condom Demo and Training Kit.